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  • Optimize your repayment amidst COVID-19 circumstances
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  • 23+ years experience working with student loan borrowers
  • Transparency with fees and services
  • Former insider industry experience

    Guidance, Integrity and Expertise

Hi everyone, I’m Jan Miller, a 23+ year student loan repayment consultant and President of Miller Student Loan Consulting, LLC.

I’m a nationally-renown student loan repayment expert that helps borrowers figure out the best, most money-saving way to repay their student loan debt.

I used to work for student loan servicers/lenders (both private and federal), but now I work with borrowers like you, to help you take charge of your repayment.

These days, most underqualified student loan “experts” push income-driven programs and/or refinance as a one-size-fits-all solution for student loan debt management. Also, they claim to understand the in’s and out’s of student loan repayment.

As a former insider of the industry, I truly understand how to carefully evaluate your entire student loans (both private & federal) – consider the repayment options that apply to each, and then combine your best options together into a personalized repayment strategy – i.e. a financial plan for your student loans that benefits YOUR budget and life.

With 23 years of experience working in the student loan industry and financial industry, I’ve gathered the insider knowledge to skillfully craft your safest and best repayment strategy, in a way that promotes your overall financial wellness.

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Email: info@student-loan-consultant.com

Jan’s Approach to Student Debt Repayment

Jan takes into account ALL your student loans – both private & federal – to create your personalized debt repayment strategy.

Student loan lenders and debt relief agencies only offer one-size-fits-all solutions (like consolidation & IBR) based on their best interest, not yours.

That’s why Jan offers a Holistic Approach to organizing, and optimizing, your student loan repayment – it’s a plan that’s carefully designed to benefit YOU.

Jan’s unique approach organizes your loan repayment in a way that uses the best possible options for each of your loans – & coordinates those options in a way that is ideal for your entire loan portfolio & financial health.


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