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    Guidance, Integrity and Expertise

Jan helps borrowers across the U.S. formulate a money-saving strategy to repay their private and federal student debt – as quickly and easily as possible.

Lower payments, thousands of dollars in interest savings and an easier repayment experience are just some of the most common benefits you can gain in working with Jan through his independent consulting company, Miller Student Loan Consulting, LLC.

With 16+ years of experience working in the student loan industry and financial industry combined, Jan has the insider knowledge to customize your repayment strategy, and craft it to benefit your budget and life.

Jan’s Approach to Student Debt Repayment


Jan takes into account ALL your student loans – both private & federal – to create your personalized debt repayment strategy.

Student loan lenders and debt relief agencies only offer one-size-fits-all solutions (like consolidation & IBR) based on their best interest, not yours.

That’s why Jan offers a Holistic Approach to organizing, and optimizing, your student loan repayment – it’s a plan that’s carefully designed to benefit YOU.

Jan’s unique approach organizes your loan repayment in a way that uses the best possible options for each of your loans – & coordinates those options in a way that is ideal for your entire loan portfolio & financial health.