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Speak with an outstanding student loan expert (over 35,000 consultations in 20+ years!)

As a former insider of the industry who has worked, hands on, with student loans (processing, consolidation, etc.) I truly understand how to carefully evaluate your entire student loans (both private & federal) – consider the repayment options that apply to each, and then combine your best options together into a personalized repayment strategy – i.e. a financial plan for your student loans that benefits YOUR budget and life.

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Consult with Jan, 23 year student loan expert, for 30 or 60min regarding your student loan debt.

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Student Loan Financial Plan + unlimited phone consultations.

The Senior Plan

Special plan, just for seniors 55+. Unlimited phone consultations, with Saturday availability.

Family Options

Membership upgrades for families available. Email info@student-loan-consultant.com to learn more.

We offer a Holistic Approach to organizing, & optimizing, your student loan repayment.

With 24 years of experience working in the student loan industry and financial industry, I’ve gathered the know-how to skillfully craft your safest and best repayment strategy (and help you execute it), in a way that promotes your overall financial wellness.

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What our clients say

“Jan Miller was amazing!!! He was very easy to work with and had a great deal of knowledge. He quickly understood my circumstance and guided me to a series of options that saved me probably days of research and conversations with my loan providers. I highly recommend Jan for anyone that has questions or needs guidance related to their student loans.”
Hooman Faaki, Los Angeles, CA
“I highly, HIGHLY recommend working with Jan if you’re trying to find expert advice about how to best deal with your student loans. Jan has taught me that there are many more options to make life easier that I would never have known about otherwise. It’s nice to be able to turn to someone I trust. Thanks, Jan!”
Giuseppe Diomede, Rutgers University
“Jan helped me a ton to understand the complexity of my student loans and was with me every step of the way as we worked together toward a resolution. I ended up settling for less than what I had owed. I fully recommend him if you have any questions regarding the structure of your loans.”
Matt Vild, Kent State University
“Thank you Jan for all of your professional guidance. With three sons in or through college, your advice has been invaluable! I’m sooooo glad to have you on my team!”
Peter Goetz, parent of 3 student loan borrowers