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Miller Student Loan Consulting, LLC

Miller Student Loan Consulting, LLC is Jan Miller’s independent consulting company – and it began June of 2000. Jan started his consulting work as a part-time hobby, by helping his family and friends with their student debt woes. Soon enough, his family and friends – and even his chiropractor – began to recognize (and recommend) him as the “go-to guy” for dramatically improving every and any student debt situation. As his local community expressed increasing demand for his help, Jan realized that the quality of assistance he was providing was not only outstanding – it was also nowhere else to be found in the student loan industry! Before he knew it, student debt consulting became his niche, and “Miller Student Loan Consulting” was born. Jan loves his work, and cares about his clients. He is deeply committed to helping borrowers make the BEST of their student debt repayment experience, by showing them how to chart out their repayment strategy, in a way that is sensitive to their specific budgetary needs, and their upcoming life plans. He is also passionate about educating universities and organizations, to increase the awareness of just how much help can be provided for borrowers, through education about student debt repayment.

Jan Miller

Meet Jan Miller

Jan’s unexpectedly lengthy and rewarding career in student loans began over 16 years ago, at Nelnet, which was then known as Unipac.

While working at Nelnet, he learned a great deal about private and federal student loan lenders, servicers and regulations. He also obtained his U.S. Department of Education’s Title IV Certification.

After completing his work at Nelnet, Jan ventured on to other financial companies, working with everything from credit cards to stock plans, and from banking operations to securities trading.

He worked for several Fortune 500 companies, including Morgan Stanley, Discover, Citibank, and Wells Fargo. Most notably, he spent six years as an Investment Advisor with Morgan Stanley, consulting on stock plans, Directed Share programs, and IPO trading.

However, even while he worked in the financial services industry, Jan continued to help student loan borrowers in his spare time. Quite a few years went by before Jan realized he had a tremendous opportunity to help many people with his student loan knowledge, and financial industry experience.

Today, Jan feels very grateful to be able to put all of his uncannily thorough knowledge of student loans to very good use.

Meet Veronica A. Gomez

Part business manager and part student loan consultant, Veronica is the master multi-tasker at Miller Student Loan Consulting!

With a diverse background in business administration, writing and classical music, Veronica brings a great deal of creativity, organization and clarity to the team.

Her role is very versatile, working with everything from the daily operations of the business, to updating the website and establishing new collaborations with financial planners, alumnae associations and employee assistance networks. She also provides student loan guidance for many of MSLC’s long-term members, via phone and email.

Veronica has a knack for simplifying complicated ideas into easy-to-understand language, and enjoys “translating” student loan jargon into plain, everyday English.

Whether you need help untangling your income-driven renewal or just have a question about how consolidation will impact your PSLF payments, Veronica will be glad to share her expertise. She is happy to contribute her skills and enthusiasm to Miller Student Loan Consulting!

A Holistic Approach

Jan’s approach to repayment planning goes far above & beyond anything else you’ll find in the student loan industry. Your personalized debt repayment plan considers:

When Jan crafts your Student Loan Business Plan™, it’s the BEST possible path you can take to pay back all your student loan debt.

Because it has such a thorough strategy that covers every corner, Jan calls it “holistic repayment planning.”

Additionally, Jan offers extended support membership programs, centered on generating cooperative, friendly and long-lasting relationships with his clients.

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Servicers don’t consider you… or your unique situation

Lenders like Sallie Mae, AES and Citibank offer answers that are one-dimensional; meaning, they are “cookie cutter” responses that pertain only to one particular loan type.

For example, when you call Sallie Mae about repayment assistance, and ask which option (or combination of options) is best for your situation, you will only receive a solution that pertains to your Sallie Mae loan(s).

Plus, this representative will only give you the solution that works best for Sallie Mae.

What if that particular solution isn’t really what’s best for your budget, or doesn’t benefit the rest of your finances? Miller Student Loan Consulting’s approach solves that riddle, and more.


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Exactly. I am not a debt relief agency, and neither is my private consulting company, Miller Student Loan Consulting, LLC. I’m a student loan consultant, i.e. a student loan expert, or student loan advisor, that specializes in the both federal and private student loans.

I help borrowers customize their repayment strategies, so they can arrange affordable payments, save on interest and simplify their repayment process.

With my guidance and support, debt repayment is transformed from a headache into a positive investment that student loan borrowers can afford, are in control of and feeling good about. It’s very rewarding work.

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Financials pie chart

Student Loan Consultant says…

Instead of being used on its own, consolidation should be PART of a comprehensive plan of action – a holistic strategy that uses several types of repayment assistance, in addition to consolidation.

If you’re not to sure whether consolidation is the right move for you, please schedule a free assessment with Jan by clicking here.

Jan has worked for 16 years combined in the student loan industry and the financial industry. His broad expertise will identify your best approach, and steer you in the safest and most financially sound direction.

Please note, Jan can facilitate the consolidation of both private and federal loans (and in certain circumstances, both types can be consolidated together).

Working with Jan

Phase 1: Consultation

During your consultation, we’ll make sure you get really clear on your student loan debt (types of loans, balances, interest rates, etc.) and what your needs are (lower payments, other financial obligations, best case scenario, etc.)

Plus, we’ll explore all your loan options and best next steps, given your present financial and gradlife circumstances. From there, we’ll determine whether my services would be helpful for you in meeting your goals.

Please note, this consultation will include a help assessment, but will not include a sales pitch.

Phase 2: Getting Started + Info Gathering

If we decide to work together, we will get to work on your loans right way. You’ll receive a Welcome Kit from me, which will include your Student Loan Questionnaire. This document is a series of simple questions will help us organize your student loan debt, and pinpoint what your financial needs are in a clear cut, orderly way.

Phase 3: Immediate Action

Once you fill out and return your completed Questionnaire to me, I’ll review your info and evaluate what immediate action needs to be taken. This usually includes actions like: resolving delinquencies, processing forbearances, contacting your lenders, etc.

Phase 4: Evaluation + Strategy-Building

During this phase, I’ll evaluate all of your student debt, financial needs and life circumstances. I’ll form a clear picture on your case, and consider all available repayment options + upcoming student loan legislation, so that I can make the best decisions on how to move forward for your best possible repayment experience.

During this phase, I’ll also build your repayment strategy and type it out for you, in a Pic – Student Loan Consultant – Graduate Familystep-by-step way. You’ll go over your Student Loan Business Plan on your own time, and then review it with me over the phone, or email. You can ask me as many questions about it as you like, and you’ll learn a lot about student loans during this process. I especially enjoy this phase, as educating borrowers on their loans, going over the options they never knew they had and how we’ll be safely working the system to benefit you, is one of my favorite things to do as a student loan consultant!

Phase 5: Plan Execution Stage

This is where we take all the necessary actions to put your Student Loan Business Plan in motion. This may involve negotiating with your lenders, processing consolidations, account verification, income/IRS verification, applications, transfers to new consolidation servicers, servicer preparation, consolidation finalization stages and etc.

Please note, your Student Loan Business Plan is not written in stone. It is a document that expresses the best possible strategy to follow at the time it is created. If your circumstances change, drastically or in a minor way, we can make tweaks to your Student Loan Business Plan, freshly tailoring to reflect the changes in your life circumstances.