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Ashley“Jan came up with a solution for me to lower my student loan payment when I thought that there were no options left. He did this in a matter of five minutes, and his authenticity was evident. I am so grateful to have found Jan, and I would recommend him to anyone in my position that needs help with solutions to their student loan payments. Jan is a rare find.”
Ashley Suschin, Towson University

“I highly, HIGHLY recommend working with Jan if you’re trying to find expert advice about how to best deal with your student loans. Jan has taught me that there are many more options to make life easier that I would never have known about otherwise. It’s nice to be able to turn to someone I trust. Thanks, Jan!” 
Giuseppe Diomede, Rutgers University


Pic - student loan debt consultant“Jan continues to be an excellent resource for optimizing short term and long term strategizing for my daughter’s student loans. He is very easy to work with and inspires confidence in dealing with what can be a overwhelming process.”
Kathy Dick, Parent of student loan borrower


“Jan helped me a ton to understand the complexity of my student loans and was with me every step of the way as we worked together toward a resolution. I ended up settling for less than what I had owed. I fully recommend him if you have any questions regarding the structure of your loans.” 
Matt Vild, Kent State University


pic - student loan debt consultant - Peter

“Thank you Jan for all of your professional guidance. With three sons in or through college, your advice has been invaluable! The lifetime service plan is a real bargain. I’m sooooo glad to have you on my team!”
Peter Goetz, parent of 3 student loan borrowers


student loan debt consultant - pic

“Jan has helped me organize my student debt/loans. He has definitely been a stress reliever 🙂 He is very knowledgeable and knows the “in’s-and-out’s” of managing student debt.”
Dr. Sandra Franco, Barry University


“I highly recommend Jan’s services. I’m overwhelmed with debt after getting a doctorate in psychology – my loan amount is insane & way more than planned. Jan helped me defer my loans and then helped me defer them again for residency. When I tell him my situation he tells me what the best plan is and not to worry about the loans – it’ll all be OK. My husband just went back to school for a 3-year masters program so Jan will be helping us with his loan deferment/payment plans too. He’s always been at my disposal and answers emails promptly. I’m sticking with him!”
Sarah Silverman, Pepperdine University


“I would most definitely recommend Mr. Jan Miller as a student loan consultant. He is very personable, helpful and knowledgeable about the ins and outs of student loans. He can help you come up with a plan that fits your needs and budget, and he’s always available to answer any questions you have. If you need help with your student loans and figuring out what options are available to you, he’s the man to call.” 
Shanta’ Osley, University of Kentucky


Photo Coming Soon“Jan Miller is absolutely AWESOME when it comes to student loan planning. Unlike some big company, you get one-on-one personal attention with Jan’s consultant company! This is one time you shouldn’t have to think about what to do about your student loans, call or email Jan and he will come up with the most strategic plan for your needs!”
Shirley Thomas, parent of 2 student loan borrowers


“I signed up with Jan a few months ago, and already feel like a huge load has been lifted from my shoulders. He is organized, focused, and did more in two months than a prior provider had done in two years. He handles private student loan issues – another plus. My initial business plan was easy to understand and provided real guidance for how I could improve my student loan situation quickly and without confusion. I can’t recommend his services enough – if you have student loan issues, sign up now! (Fees are super affordable – another huge plus!)” 
Susan Dawson, Ohio State University


Sol“Jan has been the only true professional in this business & I am very grateful for his help. I have been trying to find help for almost two years & mostly I found fast-talking, no help companies. Jan is the only one who offered advice & gave me the choice to use his company & I did. This is the absolute truth. Thank you Jan & may you help may more of those who are trying to get ahead. I recommend him. Sincerely, Soledad”
Soledad Sanchez, Miami, FL