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A Note from the Desk of Jan Miller – January 2016

Dear Reader,Help with Student Loan Debt

Happy New Year!

I am inserting this quick note to let you know that early last year, GL Advisor closed down (i.e. website is gone, phone calls aren’t getting answered).

Since then, I have been receiving a number of calls, from distressed former clients of the now-defunct student loan debt management firm.

Although every caller has their own unique concerns regarding the subject, their questions can be grouped into 3 main concerns:


1) Is GL Advisor really, really gone?

Yes, really. You can read about everything that happened by clicking on the following links:






2) Are my loans safe?

Very likely, yes. Although everyone’s situation is different, the most probable thing is that your loans are in fact safe, and that the repayment plan that you were in (probably IBR, a.k.a. income based repayment) you’re still safely enrolled in.


3) Can you help me with my loans now?Student Loan Advisor's "Keep Calm and Call Jan"

Yes I can. I’ve already been taking on former GL Advisor clients, so I’m well-acquainted in how to proceed.

I run a small, private practice here in Oregon, and I help borrowers all over the globe (from Alabama to Afghanistan) with their student debt management. First and foremost though, it’s important for me to determine if, a) all you need are some pointers to manage your loans yourself, or b) you would benefit from an expert’s guidance and support.

To figure that out, we need to have a consultation, a.k.a. help assessment, via phone or Skype.

Please click here to schedule your free consultation, and we can take it from there.

I look forward to being of help!

Your questions are also welcome at info(at)student-loan-consultant(dot)com.


Happiest New Year’s wishes,
Jan Miller
Student Loan Consultant