Which student loan debt relief agency is reputable and safe?

I receive many, many emails with the following question: “How can I know if it’s safe for me to work with any student loan debt relief agency?” And my answer is always the same: No debt relief agency is truly recommendable, in my opinion. Debt relief agencies all offer the same services, as though they … Read more

9 Ways Student Loans Impact your Credit Score

  Many people are curious, and often worried, about the effect that student loans will have on their credit score. They wonder if taking out a student loan will help their credit, or hurt it, and to what degree will it influence overall creditworthiness. The way that your federal student loans impact your credit is … Read more

How to Consolidate your Federal Loans: for FREE!

  Most borrowers do not realize that they can consolidate their federal loans for free, and unethical debt relief agencies take have taken full advantage of this fact. They’ve been charging borrowers expensive closing costs + monthly fees, all while claiming that consolidating federal student loans is something that’s too difficult to attempt alone, and can only be done … Read more

To consolidate… or NOT to consolidate? (That is the question)

  Student loan consolidation is being pushed by the media, lenders and debt relief agencies alike, as the quick, one-size-fits-all solution to all student loan worries. While consolidation is an attractive option, due to its ability to combine all your payments into one, it’s not the only option you have for repayment assistance… and it’s … Read more

Beware of the Student Loan Consolidation Temptation

Note: This article was published as a 3-part educational series for the Deseret News on April 11, June 25 and July 17, 2013. It defines: the 3 different types of consolidation (federal, private & overall) things to consider prior to consolidating pitfalls to avoid (such as rushing into consolidation as though it’s a one-size-fits-all solution … Read more